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The New Standard of Beauty and Confidence

Beauty gurus like Nikkie Tutorials and Tati have taken the online world by storm with their incredible makeup application skills and stunning looks. But it’s not just makeup stars who are good at applying the perfect cat eyeliner or creating the ultimate smoky eye. Whether you’re following your casual daily makeup routine or going for something a little more glamorous, these beauty tips will ensure that your make looks flawless, sultry, and on-point every time.

Tip 1: Every Wing is Different

Winged eyeliner doesn’t always mean the same thing. Most of us usually struggle to get that perfect, smooth wing, and the problem is mostly because we’re setting the wrong foundation. The shape of your wing will vary depending on the shape of your eye:

  • For deep set eyes – a thin line with a slight flick at the end
  • For round eyes – a thin line that widens as you get closer to the edge and ready to start creating the wing
  • For almond eyes – dramatic, thick cat eyeliner works best.

Tip 2: Try Different Ways to Get Your Eyeliner Straight

Now that you know which type of wing works best with your eye shape, you still need an even wing on both eyes. While different makeup artists have different tips to obtain this, here are our two favorites:

1.Use the slightest bit of eye shadow to create the outline of your wing. Then use your liner to trace it out and fill it in.
2.Use a post of a similar straight-edged object and place it at an angle such that it creates a straight line along the end of your eyebrow and the top outer edge of your eye. Draw a line (depending on how long you want your wing) and then draw another one going towards the inner end of your eye. Then fill in the outline and repeat this on the other eye.

Tip 3: Use Primer before Foundation for Flawless Skin

For starters, make sure that your foundation matches your skin tone perfectly (you may need to combine two different shades to find the right balance). Next, if you don’t want that cracked or cakey look on your face, prime first.

Take some foundation on your hand and dot it lightly all over your face. Use a foundation brush to spread it out evenly. Follow it up with some concealer under the eyes and use a beauty blender to smoothen out the foundation and concealer, and you’re done.

Note: Some beauty gurus also recommend adding a few drops of argan oil or similar natural oils to your foundation to make it look flawless.

Tip 4: Bake Your Face

Wouldn’t it be great if your makeup lasted all day without fading or looking sad and splotchy after some time under the sun? There are two main areas on the face, the under-eye space, and your smile lines that have a tendency to crease and mess up your foundation. Using setting powder in these areas and even areas that are likely to get oily such as your T-zone can prevent this.
Simply dab on the setting powder with a damp makeup sponge after blending your concealer. Let it sit for around 5-10 minutes and then just brush it off.

Tip 5: Apply Blush before Foundation

For a blush that appears to be emanating naturally from your face, apply your preferred shade of blush before putting on your foundation. Combine two shades:

  • Pink or red for the cheek area
  • Peach, orange, or a similar shade for the cheekbone.

Tip 6: Make Your Lips Look Fuller Than They Really Are

You don’t have to have a natural pout to apply lipstick properly. Before you go in with the lipstick, use a lip liner to outline outside your lip line being particularly careful around the center on the lip and the Cupid’s bow. Fill in with lipstick, and you’ve got yourself a way to create lip fillers without actually using anything!

Tip 7: Make Your Lips a Blank Canvas for Color

If you really want the shade of your lipstick to pop and stand out, neutralize your lips with a color corrector or even just dab on foundation/concealer with your makeup sponge. This will not only make your lipstick shade look brighter, but it will also help it stay in place for longer without creasing.

Tip 8: Don’t Highlight Your Nose

Highlighter is used to enhance your features, so if your nose is generally rounder and bigger at the tip, don’t use any highlighter. Instead, you can use a bit of matte bronzer in the center of the nose to make it appear flatter and smaller.
If you want to use highlighter on your nose, use a fan brush to dust it on the center ridge.

Tip 9: Play Around with Cream Highlighters

Using a combination of cream and powdered highlighters will help you end up with a prominent, smoother glow. Start with a cream highlighter and smudge it out with your fingertips. For an extra sheen, use a fan brush to dust some powdered highlighter on top.

Tip 10: Don’t Forget the Setting Spray

Once your beauty routine is complete, seal the deal with a few spritzes of your favorite setting spray to make sure your makeup stays in place all day.
Beauty Isn’t Just for Special Occasions
These makeup tips aren’t just for when you’re going to a party or a business dinner, and you need to look your best. Incorporate these beauty tips into your daily makeup routine, whether it’s a regular day at work or a coffee with friends. You’ll notice that with these tips, you’re also less likely to waste your cosmetic products since you won’t have too many mistakes to correct or any makeup that needs fixing after a long day.

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