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The New Standard of Beauty and Confidence


Established in 2020, ATTYYA is an exciting, innovative brand looking to bring an incredible new voice to the cosmetic and personal care industry. We develop high-quality fine fragrances, make up, candles, room deodorizers, skincare and classic Swiss made timepieces to bring you the luxury and opulence you deserve in your grooming routine.

We take pride in supporting individual beauty and expressionism, diversity in beauty, product development that always meets our standard of excellence, and unequivocal customer satisfaction. We take your satisfaction incredibly seriously. In fact, we consider it our most important marker of success.


Our commitment to bringing our clients the best possible products is why we are adding new products to our line all the time. Our company goal is a simple one: we aim to please and leave a lasting impression. We’re dedicated to becoming a leading brand in North America and the global market, which is why we cultivate an environment of honesty and high-quality products with our clients.

In tandem of our founder’s vision, the ATTYYA brand ensures that our customers receive the maximum level of client satisfaction, product innovation and ingenuity.



Founded by Ms. Attyya Guiles who developed the concept for the ATTYYA LIMITED CO. ATTYYA is a brand that represents her passion for unique, luxury products. She creates her own ideas for product design and development.

Attyya has always had a passion for the beauty world and for personal care. Not only is this her passion, but she is also zealous about helping people see their own individual beauty and work on their gifts and talents.

Having worked as a classroom teacher for 16 years, Attyya values the importance of education. Attyya holds educational degrees from South Carolina State University, Duke University and Nova Southeastern University. She has done extensive work in the field of education. Attyya recognized early, while a student at Hannah-Pamplico High School in Pamplico, SC, that she wanted to contribute to the world in a meaningful way. Attyya seeks to merge the world of beauty, personal care and cosmetics with the field of education through the inception of The ATTYYA Foundation for Education and Outreach. Attyya plans to provide many educational opportunities for women, minorities, students, single mothers, teachers and men and women across the globe. As a single mother of two and a kinship foster parent to three of her nieces and nephews, Attyya, recognizes the need to serve and give back to the community. Through the foundation, Attyya, is excited about helping the wider community through charitable giving, community outreach and service. Her desire has always been to find ways to assist underserved communities. As a young girl, Attyya experienced the tragic death of her father and is committed to pouring into the lives of children who have been impacted by early trauma.


Through the ATTYYA LIMITED CO., Attyya celebrates the diversity of beauty in humanity and seeks to continue educating others about the necessity of believing in your own individual beauty, celebrating the beauty around us, and the great need for self-love and personal care.

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